With coffee becoming the big thing in the Indian Food & Beverages segment, we frequently hear of new brands entering the market. In such competition, all it takes to become successful is being different.

Coffee and Teahouses: Drinking establishments include Starbucks, Tim Horton Coffee, Manabe (Japanese coffee and snacks), and Be for Time (Cantonese tea house). In the past three years, more foreign ‘coffee shops have penetrated into India’s market, such as Seattle-based Starbucks opened its total of 62 outlets in India. Coffee symbolizes the “western middle-class leisure culture” to most India. For the young consumers who patronize these coffee shops, drinking coffee is part of an emerging social life that is fashionable and relating. But most of them have little knowledge of coffee, and cannot even distinguish different brands.They choose coffee not for the product, but for a store’s environment, music, services and clientele. For example, when Starbucks opened in India, it catered to high end Indians. Shortly after, its India customer base increased to about franchisors emphasize on-time service delivery in their brochures in India. The main target market for these franchises, small and medium enterprises are increasingly demanding quicker and higher quality business services, which poses new challenges and opportunities for this business sector.

Q: What are the criteria of location for a Amore Mio Caffe outlet?

A: Our preference for a store location primarily comprises of store size ranging at least 800-1,400 sq ft. As far as the location is concerned, we need to tap in the right catchment because cafes in general are spread across varied segments and it is for us to decide where would like to position ourselves with Amore Mio Caffe, so it does not matter whether it is in malls or high-street or standalone. We will make sure our presence of Amore Mio Caffe in the affluent areas in Delhi, Mumbai and other metro cities.

Q: With increasing competition in the market, is there any danger to the brand image of Amore Mio Caffe?

A: We will have our position and grow in the coming year may be 3-5 years. We will continue to do what we have been doing – remain focused and not get dithered by the entering competition.

Q: India has traditionally been a tea-drinking country. How it will tap into the contrary?

A: Tea for our Indian society, as mentioned above, is the secondary source of revenue. Amore Mio Caffe will offer an amazing range of tea sourced across from various exotic locations around the world. Amore Mio Caffe will also offer rake in this segment.

Q: How Amore Mio Caffe manages the back-end operations, which is considered one of the biggest challenges in the country?

A: Amore Mio Caffe supply-chain mechanism for café, it is not only about sourcing the coffee and machines. Also a part of the set-up is the entire menu, the cold-storage, stocking of products, etc. It is a complex thing and not easy for someone to start up a café by keeping just coffee in mind. Also, one needs to make sure that one has a set of trained personnel to handle the operations; else the entire outlet can go haywire. It is imperative in the food industry that one understands that the ingredients used are checked on a consistent basis, which guarantees quality. One must ensure that adequate training is provided to the staff, which will work in favor of the brand.

Q: What has been the marketing strategy for Amore Mio Caffe in India?

A: Amore Mio Caffe marketing strategy is aligned with parent company at Italy, which is taking operations of Amore Mio Caffe worldwide. We do some amount of local activation in-store. We primarily believe in reaching out to our customers and communicating with them directly though letters, e-mailers and social media etc.

Q: What is franchising model of Amore Mio Caffe in India?

A: Amore Mio Caffe franchise opportunities allow you to become an owner of an ethical, local coffee shop that customers love There are three segment of franchisee of coffee stores,
  1. Single store
  2. Multi store and
  3. Master/regional
With plenty of profit potential and built-in brand loyalty, success is well within reach from the get-go! The popularity of coffee shops is ever-growing, so now’s the perfect time to join a franchise – apply for franchise today.

Q: What is the support of Amore Mio Caffe?

A: Along with our market expertise team, you’ll have access to a management structure that is robust, creative and delivers results.

We offer a bespoke solution and support network for every partner’s needs, including: