Amore Mio Caffe offers you quality drink and food as per your requirement to keep you healthy. Enter your address above to see fees and delivery + pick-up estimates. You can ask Cafe Amore Chef what's recommended here for you in our Menu. There are lot of items on the menu for you as per your hunger requirement at this midday go-to, the Most order items The Italian taste with a delicacy served to you at our caffe. Pick up your Italian favorite treats. All our food is prepared fresh onsite everyday using local produce and Italian traditional recipes to bring you a real taste of Italian food by our trained Italian Chefs.



Latte 12 oz

Hazelnut Cortado-7oz

Cappuccino 12 oz

Dirty Chia 12 oz

with cream

Americano - 12oz

Flat White - 10 oz

Carmel Macchiato Amore16oz

Cream, Caramel syrup and caramel sauce.

Mocha Amore - 16oz

Extra cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate powder.

Carmel Macchiato-16oz

Double Espresso Macchiato

Caramel Latte 12 oz

Filter Café 12 oz

Chia Latte


Ristretto 4oz

Double Espresso

Double Espresso Conpanna

Single Espresso

Single Espresso Macchiato

Gingerbread latte-12oz


Spicy Chai Tea

Very berry Tea

English breakfast Tea

Earl Grey Tea

Decaffeinated Tea

Green Tea

Lemon & Ginger Tea

Peppermint Tea

Camomile Tea

Red bush

Red Berry & Flower Tea

Ice Café

Ice Latte-12oz

Ice Americana-12oz

Ice Mocha 12oz

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Amore-16oz

Hot Chocolate-16oz


Coffee Frappe-12oz

Vanilla Frappe-12oz

Chocolate Frappe-12oz

Milk Shake



Pineapple Sunset Smoothies-16oz

Pineapple, papaya,mango.

Strawberry Fantasy Smoothies-16oz

Strawberry, banana.

Berry Burst Smoothies-16oz

Blackberry, blueberry, black current, banana.

Super Green Smoothies-16oz

Avocado, spinach, spirulina, basil, apple, Lime

Strawberry Delight Smoothies-16oz

Strawberry, peach, papaya

Mango Dream Smoothies-16oz

Mango, Pear

Can Drink

Coke 330ml

Fanta Orange 330ml

Red Bull

Zero 330ml

Diet coke 330ml

Sprite 330ml

Sanpellegrino 330ml

Melograno and rancia, limonata, aranciata.

Bottle Drink

Blackcurrant 250ml


Orange juice 250ml

Apple juice 250ml

Ice Tea-16oz

Peach, Lemon, Roseberry.

Still Water 500ml

Sparkling water 500ml


Chicken Sandwich

Chicken tomato mayonnaise mild cheddar cheese

Chicken Salad sandwich

Chicken breast, cucumber, tomato, mayonnaise, lettuce

Prawn and Crab sandwich

Fresh prawn, crab sticks lettuce.

Chicken and Avocado sandwich

Chicken Breast, Mayonnaise, Avocado.

Prawn and Crab With Avocado sandwich

Fresh prawns crab stick ,cocktail sauce tomato avocado.

Egg Mayonnaise and Cress sandwich

Free range egg, mayonnaise with mustard and cress.

Cheese Salad sandwich

Cheddar cheese, cucumber, tomato, lettuce

Hummus and Onion sandwich

Hummus, red onion, tomato, red pepper, lettuce

Lamb with Cheese and Grilled Mushroom Panini

Egg Bacon and Sausage sandwich

Free range egg, mayonnaise, mushroom, grill bacon and sausage, tomato ketchup.

Tuna Salad sandwich

Dolphin friendly tuna, cucumber , tomato, mayonnaise , lettuce.

Big Ham sandwich

Roast ham, cheddar cheese, cucumber , tomato , mayonnaise , pickle

Ham Salad sandwich

Roast ham, cucumber, tomato, lettuce

Cajun Chicken sandwich

Chicken in Cajun sauce, tomato, red pepper and iceberg lettuce.

Mexican Tuna sandwich

Dolphin friendly tuna , cucumber , red onion , red pepper, Mexican sauce.

Ham and Cheese sandwich

Roast ham, cheddar cheese, pickle.

Coronation Chicken sandwich

Chicken in coronation sauce with apricot, sultana, tomato, lettuce.

Chicken Roasted sandwich

Chicken breast, tomato, mayonnaise, lettuce

Thai Chicken sandwich

Chicken in Thai sauce, cucumber red onion red pepper.

Chicken and Sweet corn sandwich

Chicken breast, mayonnaise, sweet corn.

Tuna Sweet corn sandwich

Dolphin friendly tuna, mayonnaise, sweet corn, lettuce

French Brie and Roast Ham with Tomato Sweat & Hot sauce

Tuna Mayo & Onion Panini

Tuna Mayo, Cheese & Onion

Jacket Potatoes

Chicken Salad sandwich

Chicken breast, cucumber, tomato, mayonnaise, lettuce


Chicken Hmm Baguette

Chicken Hmm, tomato, cheese and mayonnaise.

Prawn and Crab Baguette

Prawn and crab mixed with cocktail sauce with avocado.

Tuna and Sweet corn Baguette

Dolphin friendly tuna with sweet corn and lettuce.

Ham and Cheese Baguette

Roast ham with mild cheddar cheese and tomato.

Chicken and Avocado Baguette

Breast of chicken with avocado.

Brie and Avocado Baguette

French brie with avocado and sun-dried tomato.

Tuna and Green Olives Baguette

Dolphin friendly tuna with green olives and mild cheddar cheese.

Jacket Potatoes

Jacket Potatoes



Ham & leek baked pasta

Spaghetti Bolognese

Vegan Lasagne


Tuna Mayo & Onion Panini

French Brie and Roast Ham with Tomato Panini

Cajun Chicken with Roasted Red Peppers and Cheese Panini

Tuna Mayo & Sweetcorn Panini

Lamb with Cheese and Tomato Panini

Prawn and Crab with Roasted Vegetable and Cheese Panini

Pirpiri Chicken with Red Onion and Cheese Panini

Roasted Ham with Cheese and Tomato Panini

Cheddar Cheese and Tomato Panini

Chicken Mayo with Cheese and Tomato Panini

Cheddar Cheese and Roasted Vegetable Panini

Lamb with Cheese and Grilled Mushroom Panini

Cheddar Cheese and Grilled Mushrooms Panini

Chicken Mayo with Bacon Panini

Falafel Panini

Fresh falafel, with homemade hummus, roasted onions, yellow and red peppers.

Chicken Mayo and Roasted Vegetable Panini

Flapjack Cakes

Carrot Cake

Chocolate Browni

Vegan, gluten free

Chocolate Flapjack

Fruit Cake

Fruit Flapjack


Fruit Salad






Pastry & Cookie

Pain Chocolate

Plain Croissant

Fruit Cookie

Cinnamon Bun

Choco Chip Cookie

Oaty Cookie

Pain Raisin


Toffee Blast Mufffin

Chocolate & Orange Mufffin

Topped Chocolate Mufffin


Pizza Margarita 12"

Pizza Pepperoni 12 "

(Double cheese & double pepperoni)

Pizza Vegtrain 12"

(Spinach, rockets & onion)

Pizza Italian Hot 12"

(Pepperoni, Fresh Tomato. Jalapeno)

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